Lab Assistant, UCLA

  • Technician/Research Asst.
  • This position provides an opportunity to play a key part in a new research laboratory at the interface of synthetic and developmental biology.
  • Applications have closed
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AskaryLab Los Angeles, CA, USA


Working in a state of the art lab at UCLA, the successful candidate would work directly with the PI to set up, maintain and manage the lab. This position would also provide opportunities for the candidate to develop their skills in molecular biology, tissue culture and microscopy. Training in established techniques will be provided as needed, but the work will require significant independence of day-to-day operations.


With close guidance from senior members of the lab and in accordance with guidelines set forth for a particular task, the successful candidate will perform bench level experiments and small projects that support the overall research objective of an integrative computational and experimental lab in a fast paced and dynamic environment.
Job tasks will include, but are not limited to:
- Lab support tasks: ordering reagents and equipment, reagent aliquoting and organization, buffer preparation, helping with inventory of reagents and supplies.
- Cell culture tasks: preparing media and reagent, generating and maintaining cell lines, transient transfection of cells, analysis by flow cytometry.
- Molecular biology tasks: cloning of DNA constructs, DNA and RNA preparation.
- The candidate will interact directly with senior members of the research team and lab head to ensure proper experimental design, analysis, and technical concerns related to the project. The candidate will adapt easily to changing needs and priorities, facilitate project completion, provide lab support and organizational needs, address technical problems, and summarize and present results. Training will be provided as needed.

Qualifications/Preferred Skillsets:

- Bachelor’s degree in biology or related field.
- 1-2 years of experience in a research laboratory (can include undergraduate research or thesis work).
- Technical knowledge of molecular biology methods (e.g. molecular cloning, PCR, nucleic acid purification) and cell biology techniques (e.g. cell culture, microscopy).
- Excellent organization and time management skills.
- Ability to record and report results with clarity.
- Persistence and willingness to troubleshoot technical challenges.
- Motivation to learn and master new methods and techniques.
- Excellent communication skills and the ability to interact professionally with all levels of staff and with external contacts in a fast paced environment.

Featured Publications:

In situ readout of DNA barcodes and single base edits facilitated by in vitro transcription. Amjad Askary, Luis Sanchez-Guardado, James M Linton, Duncan M Chadly, Mark W Budde, Long Cai, Carlos Lois, Michael B ElowitzNature Biotechnology 38(1), 66-75, 2020.

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