Postdoctoral Fellowship, University of Maryland School of Medicine

  • Postdoc
  • We study how cyclic nucleotide signaling regulates the neurobiology of learning & memory and social behaviors and how that signaling becomes impaired in aging or neuropsychiatric disease.
Lab Website: Kelly-Michy

KickassKe11yLab Baltimore, MD


The Kelly Lab is recruiting multiple postdoctoral fellows to study how cyclic nucleotide signaling regulates the neurobiology of learning & memory and social behaviors and how that signaling becomes impaired in aging or neuropsychiatric disease. Multiple projects are available, including those centered on circuit-level analyses (e.g., optogenetics, chemogenetics, fiber photometry), proteomics (identifying protein binding partners and signal transduction cascades), and drug discovery (both small molecule and biologics).
What we will offer you:
• Strong mentorship in experimental design, grant/publication writing and career development
• Organized and goal-oriented work environment
• Friendly and supportive team of researchers
• Opportunities to present at national/international conferences
• A highly collaborative department and school full of state-of-the-art facilities

Interested parties should send their CV and key pubs along with a cover letter that explains how your experience and personality makes you a fit for these positions (that is, tell me why I should interview you instead of someone else 😊).

Qualifications/Preferred Skillsets:

You are a fit for the Kelly Lab if you have:
• A strong background in neuroscience, biochemistry, and/or proteomics
• An ability to independently digest relevant literature and formulate ideas
• Strong writing and communication skills
• Excellent time management skills
• Experience handling mice and/or rats
• An appreciation for the color teal (official lab color)
• An ability to embrace a diverse “girl power” culture
You should additionally have strong experience with at least some of the following skillsets:
• Rodent behavior
• Optogenetics or chemogenetics
• Stereotactic surgery
• Fiber photometry
• Proteomics (e.g., identifying protein binding partners)
• Cell culture
• Basic molecular biology and biochemical techniques

Featured Publications:

Smith A, Farmer R, Pilarzyk K, Porcher L, Kelly MP* (in press). A genetic basis for friendship? Homophily for membrane-associated PDE11A-cAMP-CREB signaling in CA1 of hippocampus dictates mutual social preference in male and female mice. Molecular Psychiatry. Epub ahead of print. DOI: 10.1038/s41380-021-01237-4. [Featured in: New York Post, LabRoots, WOKV-AM radio,, Science Daily, Technology Networks, Neuroscience News Online,,, NewsCaf,, Science Newsnet, Medical Xpress, Newswise, Mirage News Australia,]

Porcher L, Bruckmeier S, Burbano SD, Finnell JE, Gorny N, Klett J, Wood SK, Kelly MP* (in press) Aging triggers an upregulation of a multitude of cytokines in the male and especially the female rodent hippocampus but more discrete changes in other brain regions. Journal of Neuroinflammation.
Farmer R, Burbano SD, Patel NS, Sarmiento A, Smith AJ, and Kelly MP* (2020) Phosphodiesterases PDE2A and PDE10A both change mRNA expression in the human brain with age, but only PDE2A changes in a region-specific manner with psychiatric disease Cellular Signalling. 70: article 109592.
Baillie G, Tejeda G, and Kelly MP* (2019) Therapeutic targeting of 3’,5’-cyclic nucleotide phosphodiesterases: Inhibition and beyond. Nature Reviews Drug Discovery. 18(10):770-796. DOI : 10.1038/s41573-019-0033-4 [Peer-reviewed Invited Review]
Pilarzyk K, Klett J, Pena E, Porcher L, Smith AJ, Kelly MP* (2019) Loss of function of phosphodiesterase 11A shows recent and remote long-term memory can be uncoupled. Current Biology. 29:2307-2321.

Salary: NIH scale
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