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  • Postdoctoral Fellow studying molecular biology and immunology of HIV
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New York City


A postdoctoral position is available in the laboratory of David N. Levy, PhD at New York University College of Dentistry.

Utilizing a multi-omics approach, we are investigating the contribution of viral and cellular factors to the decision between productive and latent HIV infection. At the epigenetic level, we have identified specific viral factors that regulate the initial installation of chromatin post-translational modifications influencing early viral gene expression. In combination with chromatin analysis and transcriptomics (RNA-seq, ATAC-seq, etc.), and proteomics, we are elucidating key pathways governing viral replication and persistence. Understanding the interplay between viral and cellular epigenetic regulators is key to developing novel methods to activate or suppress expression from viral reservoirs.

The ideal candidate will have a Ph.D. in molecular biology, virology, and/or immunology. Experience in either molecular HIV research and/or epigenetics and transcriptional regulation is a significant plus. The position is designed for a highly motivated person desiring an independent career in research. An abiding mission of my laboratory is to assist postdoctoral fellows in the development of independence.

Applicants much be currently residing within the United States.

Applicants should submit: 1) Cover letter; 2) Curriculum Vitae; 3) Statement of research interests and career goals; and 4) Names and contact information of at least three referees, at:

Please apply only via the Interfolio we site link provided.

Qualifications/Preferred Skillsets:

Working knowledge and specific skillsets in any of the following:
Virology, immunology, epigenetics, transcriptional regulation.

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