Postdoc, University of Pittsburgh

  • PhD Student
  • The Weisz lab is seeking a postdoc with molecular, imaging, and biochemical experience interested in understanding the mechanistic basis of proteinuria in acute and genetic kidney diseases.
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University of Pittsburgh Pittsburgh, PA


Our lab studies how the kidney proximal tubule (PT) recovers filtered proteins in normal and diseased states. We use a variety of basic molecular, imaging, biochemical, and computational approaches to study PT function in a highly differentiated cell culture model and in mouse models of disease. I am seeking a thoughtful, engaged, and collaboration-minded postdoctoral fellow interested in discovering how the PT functions at the cell level as well as within the nephron. We have a variety of potential projects that could be addressed at the cell or animal level or both. I am passionate about training students and postdocs to think critically and write well. All of my trainees have transitioned to science-related careers- including several to tenured positions.
See our lab website ( ) for a summary of some current projects, our amazing team, and our publications.
If you’re interested in exploring this opportunity, please send a cover letter to describing your background and interests and career goals, along with a CV that includes names and contact information for three persons who can provide a reference.

Qualifications/Preferred Skillsets:

Background in cellular imaging, molecular biology, cell culture, and basic biochemistry are welcomed. Experience with mouse models of kidney disease is a plus but not essential.

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