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  • Insulin signaling and host immune responses in urinary tract infections and pyelonephritis
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The Spencer Laboratory is looking for a highly motivated Post Doctoral Scientist interested in investigating the innate immune responses in the kidney and bladder urothelium. The scope of work will interrogate how insulin signaling and host immune responses prevent urinary tract infections and pyelonephritis. The Spencer laboratory is a collaborative and friendly training environment and consists of two junior faculty investigators, a research scientist, three research associates, a research assistant, a graduate student, and several rotating clinical fellows. The postdoctoral scientist will work under the mentorship of the principal investigator or Senior Research Scientists to design experiments and develop protocols to conduct research in a specific scientific area. There is sufficient opportunity for training and independent work. The Postdoctoral Scientist will prepare technical materials such as abstracts, annual reports, scientific papers and presentations. Publishes scientific articles in appropriate refereed journals. The goal of the position is to work toward a goal of becoming independent in his/her research effort, and eventually obtaining external research funding. Appointment as a Post Doc is a maximum of 4 years in length.


1. With guidance from a PI mentor, design experiments and develops protocols required to conduct productive research in a specific scientific area. Mouse work will be required. After the study has been designed, performs the research work in accordance with the protocol.

2. Helps to train and supervise technical support staff in performing specific techniques essential to carrying out the research program.

3. Records and analyzes data generated by the research study, and helps to plan future research endeavors.

4. Prepares scientific and technical papers from the results of the research work. Publishes papers in appropriate refereed scientific journals. Presents findings at local and national research meetings.

5. If appropriate, collaborates with other ongoing research efforts either at the Abigail Wexner Research Institute or at The Ohio State University.

6. This is considered a training position therefore the PI will allow a trainee 4 years to advance beyond the level of Post Doc.

7. Works toward research independence. Prepares to submit proposals to and obtain funding from external granting agencies.

Qualifications/Preferred Skillsets:

-MD, Ph.D, Pharm.D., or equivalent degree.
-Necessary technical skills in the appropriate area of research.
-Ability to perform technical writing and good communication skills.

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