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  • Study of the blood brain barrier in aging and neurodegenerative diseases

andcyang San Francisco, CA, USA


The Yang lab is seeking Postdoctoral Fellows and Research Specialists to join our group and contribute to new projects with a flexible start date between January and June 2022.
Our lab focuses on building new molecular tools to decode communication across the blood-brain barrier (BBB). This could inform improved drug delivery to the brain and reveal new mechanisms governing brain health and resilience. We also apply our new single-cell methods to understand how genetic risk variants operating in the human BBB contribute to neurodegeneration, such as Alzheimer’s disease.


The candidate will contribute to tool development and/or single-cell work in the lab. The candidate will either have or learn a variety of techniques in molecular biology (e.g., cloning, DNA purifications), chemical biology (e.g., click chemistry), cell culture (e.g., transfections, immune co-cultures), mouse work, and high-throughput -omics data analysis/ genetics (RNA-seq, ATAC-seq). We are seeking at least a 1-year commitment.
Postdoctoral Fellows will lead their own independent project, develop new ideas, be familiar with the literature, and publish lead author papers, where appropriate. The lab will do all it can to support the next steps of candidates’ careers.

Qualifications/Preferred Skillsets:

Required Qualifications:
• Enthusiasm to be part of building a new team and defining a new line of research.
• Ability to learn new methods and think logically through research challenges.
• Ability to work independently and as a member of a research team.
• Ability to prioritize tasks, coordinate work tasks with others, and meet multiple deadlines.
Preferred (but not at all required) Qualifications:
• Experience with high-throughput sequencing and analysis (RNA & ATAC-seq)
• Experience with molecular and microbiology techniques (including DNA and RNA isolation, PCR,
gel electrophoresis, cloning, bacterial transformation etc.)
• Experience with cell culture (including culturing, aseptic techniques, virus production, transfection
• Experience handling mice (IP and IV injections, genotyping, tissue/ cell isolation)

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