Lab Technician in Stem Cell & Cancer Research

  • Technician/Research Asst.
  • Position open for a research technician with experience using mouse models and molecular biology techniques
  • Applications have closed
Lab Website: joshi

PurnaAJoshi Richardson, Texas, USA


The Joshi Stem Cell Research Laboratory at the University of Texas at Dallas investigates the role of stem cells during development, tissue regeneration and cancer. Current projects include understanding the fate and function of specific stem/progenitor cells and molecular mechanisms that govern cell fate determination in the breast and fallopian tube. We employ a variety of experimental tools that include lineage tracing mouse models, 3D co-culture organoid systems, stem/progenitor cell assays, confocal imaging and single cell analyses.
We are seeking a Research Lab Technician who works well both independently and in a team environment. A commitment of at least two years is required. Responsibilities include managing mouse colonies and performing various procedures including mouse breeding, genotyping, tumor growth metrics, drug administration, surgery and tissue acquisition. The Research Technician is expected to collaborate with other research personnel in lab projects to collect data, manage general lab duties and ordering supplies, maintain meticulous records and attend lab meetings.

Qualifications/Preferred Skillsets:

Bachelor’s degree in biology, genetics, biochemistry or related field. At least 2 years of experience working in a biomedical laboratory setting. Experience with research animals and genotyping required. Experience with molecular biology and tissue culture techniques is an asset. Excellent time management, organizational and record keeping skills.

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