Children’s Heart Foundation Cortney Barnett Research Award

Early Career PI, Mid/Late Career PI, Post doc

Award for exceptional research dedicated to improving the longevity of patients with Fontan physiology. Deadline 5/31/2021

Grant Details

DescriptionSimultaneously, The Children's Heart Foundation is also issuing an RFA focusing on the evaluation and management of children and adults with Fontan physiology. Supported by generous funding from Cortney Barnett, her family, and their many supporters. The Cortney Barnett Research Award will support research intended to prolong longevity and improve quality of life in patients who have undergone the Fontan procedure. Examples of proposals that are of particular interest include research focusing on medications, devices, surgeries and procedures intended to improve Fontan circulatory physiology, the evaluation and management of Fontan-Associated Liver Disease (FALD), arrhythmia therapies, and the timing, evaluation, and conduct of cardiac transplantation.
Duration2 years

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